September of 1976, in the middle of the “Golden Age of The Mall”, Hilltop opened in Richmond with great fanfare and success. Developed and built by A. Alfred Taubman, a true retail visionary who would revolutionize retail, Hilltop was constructed of the finest materials available. Taubman went even further and commissioned Charles Perry to create Solar Cantata, a timeless piece of public art which still graces Hilltop’s center court. For over 30 years, Hilltop was a true community center and attracted the most vibrant retailers. It still holds a special place in the hearts and minds of those who grew up with this iconic place. The ravages of the Great Recession and the retail upheaval were unkind to Hilltop, a circumstance that saddened the local community as they watched the decline of their once beloved mall.

Fast forward to July of 2017…the sleeping giant is awoken by the partnership of LBG Real Estate Companies, LLC and Aviva Investors, LLC, who were able to overlook the years of wear on this former grande dame. The new owners have stepped in and are working on an inspired re-invention of Hilltop and its environs to restore and even surpass its former glory.